Got an extra $6 and want a sketch portrait of your character? You’ve come to the right slug, then! The examples above are the sort of sketches I am offering now, and I will draw any sort of character: man, woman, child, furry/anthro, animal, alien, anything. Just nothing too crazy detailed, these are sketches after all.

If you are interested please comment here or send a note so I can keep track of everything in one place. Comment and send payment via paypal (my paypal address is welovedogslug@gmail.com ) and I will start on these in the order I receive payment. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE PAYMENT WITH YOUR TUMBLR NAME OR I MIGHT NOT KNOW WHO IT’S FROM, okay? This is pretty much unlimited, so there are no worries about trying to snag a slot.

Don’t feel like decapitating your character for art? I’m also offering waist-up sketches for $11 or full-body sketches for $16. Examples are below:






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